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Maurizio Bailot, Customer Relationship And Quality Assurance


Maurizio is an Italian native, grown with great passion for arts. He has shown deep appreciation for the beauty of his homeland, Italy, by travelling around with his family, visiting the breadth and length of the cradle of world arts.

Maurizio is Katja’s husband and they have raised three children, Valentino, Alberto and Andrea Leonardo.

Maurizio and Katja have the joy now to be grandparents to two pretty granddaughters from their oldest son Valentino and his beautiful wife Kathy, Maurizio likes to call her “my Princess”.

Maurizio has dedicated his career to quality having worked in the graphic design and photography along with the mechanical field. He has covered positions in the Machinery Engineering, Production Management, Customer Service and currently in Quality Assurance. He is currently employed by a Multinational Corporate with subsidiaries worldwide.

Maurizio has encouraged, sponsored, and supported in the background his wife Katja to start her entrepreneurship into the Real Estate Business thanks to her strong passion for her land and the century-long culture expressed by the artifacts like the amazing mansions, castles, villas that she has the honor to offer as the sole Licensee for the US market.

Now Maurizio will give full support with more involvement reassuring the clientele that they can trust the Italian Dream Estates brand marketed on the website

Welcome aboard.

We are looking forward to unfold the new features in store for all of you dear Investors.

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